S3 began in the mid 90's in Wichita, KS as Sixth Sense Studios when artist and founder Gooding began to look for a way to make the tapes and cd's he sold in high school a more official product. He pulled together every dime he could to purchase gear. He traded his first car to buy a mixing console. He soon progressed from recording his friends for $5 an hour on a 4-track, to $10 on an 8-track, and eventually $20 for ½ reel to reel. After a short time Gooding had recorded, produced and played sessions on guitars, keys, drums, bass and vocals for over 100 artists and 200 recordings including fifteen solo records of his own. The studio migrated from the air capital of Wichita, to the Jayhawks hometown of Lawrence, KS, the gold country of Mi-wuk, CA, the front hills of Fort Collins, CO, and finally to its permanent home in Los Angeles, CA.

S3 currently exists as a tight-knit team focused on providing support and increasing exposure for its featured artist GOODING and his various side projects including Starless, Level One Black, The Outer Lords and The Angel/Devil.

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